Monday, 11 December 2017

University students help build Wainwright’s brand

Students from the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol have undertaken a mock branding exercise on behalf of John Wainwright & Company Ltd.
As part of a campaign to promote an imagined new range of Wainwright Workwear, the students pitched ideas to Tim Gibson, Wainwright’s Communications Director who is also a senior lecturer at the university.
“The students delivered bold suggestions for how to reach a target audience for the brand,” Tim reported. “They demonstrated a profound understanding and appreciation of the heart and heritage of Wainwright as a business.”
The students are studying for a degree in creative and professional writing. A key component of the course is work on real-world campaigns and case studies, and Tim draws on his experience with Wainwright to help shape their learning.
By engaging with Wainwright’s history, market and competitor brands, the students were able to craft a campaign that captured the company’s distinctive spirit and resonated with customers.

By Samuel Whitlock, Yr 1 BA (Hons) Creative & Professional Writing

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wainwright Management Academy goes live

Wainwright launched its new Management Academy last week, with 12 supervisors and managers from across the business attending a two-day course at the Somerset Earth Science Centre.

The sessions were led by Simon Hares of Serial Trainer 7, and proved highly engaging for the attendees. They were interactive in nature, and the feedback has been great.

This is the start of a nine-month training programme for Wainwright’s management team. Its aim is to equip managers with the necessary tools for their role, and reaffirm the company’s commitment to staff development. A second cohort of 12 managers will begin the programme in October.

Bristol Doors Open Day draws in the crowds

More than 150 people visited Wainwright’s Avonmouth Asphalt facility as part of the Bristol Doors Open Day on Saturday, 9 September.

Visitors enjoyed tours to the very top of the state-of-the-art asphalt plant, giving them wide-ranging views of the Bristol skyline and surrounding scenery. They also had a chance to get hands-on with the technical team, learning about the different properties of asphalt and its varying applications.

“It was great to see so many people with an interest in Wainwright, especially as we’re relatively new to the Bristol area,” commented the company’s Operations Director, Wayne McKeown. “Our team relished the chance to share something of our 127-year heritage and our industry. The day was a great success.”

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Wainwright opens Avonmouth for Bristol Doors Open Day

Wainwright’s innovative Avonmouth Asphalt production facility will be open to the public on Saturday, 9 September from 10am to 3pm as part of the Bristol Doors Open Day.

The event is an opportunity for businesses around Bristol to show people around, giving a rare insight into their activities. Avonmouth Asphalt is a cutting-edge plant that utilises the very latest green technology to enhance sustainability and optimise efficiency. Visitors will see the site’s environmentally friendly features, including solar panels and electric-vehicle charging points, as well as enjoying a tour of the asphalt production plant.

In addition, various displays will showcase the company’s surfacing equipment, as well as providing an insight into the way asphalt is produced. There will also be a display detailing Wainwright’s 125-year history, and explaining the contribution it makes to the local area.

Tours of the asphalt plant must be pre-booked, and the list is currently full. But Wainwright encourages visitors to come and enjoy the other attractions, including free refreshments.

To find out more about Bristol Doors Open Day, visit

Wainwright aims high on England’s steepest A-road

John Wainwright & Company Ltd recently completed a resurfacing job on one of the steepest roads in the country.
The A39 at Porlock Hill in West Somerset has a gradient of 1 in 4 (25 per cent). When Somerset County Council sought a contractor to resurface it, Wainwright leapt at the chance to test its mettle in a challenging environment.
“There’s routine road maintenance and then there’s routine maintenance on a hill with a 1 in 4 gradient,” said Councillor David Fothergill, Somerset County Council’s cabinet member for highways. “Clearly, this was no ordinary resurfacing job, and required specialist equipment as well as harnessing the expertise of our team.”
The specialist equipment in question included an integrated paver and an all-terrain forklift truck that came all the way from Germany.
Because of the steepness of the hill, which is on the edge of Exmoor National Park, safety barriers were erected to protect the workforce and nearby properties.
“Porlock Hill was certainly a challenging job for our team,” remarked Lee Seviour, Wainwright’s general manager, surfacing. “It involved two weeks of concerted effort, including one week of 24/7 closure to the road. The fact we finished on time and on budget is testament to a lot of hard work, careful organisation and forward planning.”

The material for the job was supplied from Wainwright’s Avonmouth asphalt production facility. It included Wainwright’s proprietary 14mm Elastermat PSV 68 Heavy Duty Dense Asphalt Surface Course, utilising a rubberised binder that was especially well-suited to the steep gradient on Porlock Hill.

Futures Foundation awards first grants

Following its launch in 2016, The Wainwright Futures Foundation has awarded its first grants to local causes.
The Foundation’s trustees met in March to sift the first swathe of applications. After subjecting them to rigorous assessment, they unanimously agreed on the projects that were most attuned to the Foundation’s guiding principles of encouraging environmental sustainability and community flourishing in Wainwright’s areas of operation.
Grants awarded so far include:
·         Support for a local church-led community project for disadvantaged elderly people and young parents in rural Somerset
·         Assistance to a local primary school for a sensory garden
·         Sponsorship of a local history trail to celebrate the culture of a local village
The trustees will meet every quarter to assess grant applications by reference to the Foundation’s criteria. Its funds are derived from sales of the Wainwright history book, published to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary in 2016. Further monies come from a donation made by Wainwright as a proportion of its income from aggregate sales.

To seek support from the Wainwright Futures Foundation, applicants should contact Joni Stoker, PA to Peter Barkwill: / 01749 840 274.

Wainwright covers the bases

John Wainwright & Company Ltd has recently supplied asphalt to two major military bases in the South West, in a sign of its growing presence in the region.

The company, which officially opened its new £9m asphalt plant at Avonmouth, near Bristol, in August 2016, has been supplying asphalt from its headquarters near Shepton Mallet, Somerset, since the 1980s. With the launch of Avonmouth Asphalt, Wainwright has significantly grown the size of the area in which it operates.

This is seen in the recent supply of 652 tonnes of asphalt to resurface the internal roads at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. The 10mm SMA Surface Course 55PSV was produced at Avonmouth and supplied to Associated Asphalt, which was the surfacing contractor on the project.
“Supplying as far afield as Dartmouth is a great fillip for Wainwright,” commented the company’s sales director, Justin Thorner. “It reflects the reach of our business, which has been greatly enhanced by our major investment at Avonmouth.

“It’s also fantastic to be involved in a project as prestigious as this,” he continued. “The College is a totemic institution in the South West, where the navy trains all of its officers. So, for a long-established company like Wainwright, it’s a real honour to know that we’ve played a part in its ongoing success.”